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New York City is a hotbed of commerce with millions of people out and about every day. Attracting new clients with a strong visual presence is essential and Lehmann Printing Company can help you get there with high quality poster and banner design and printing services. Our posters and banners come in a variety of sizes and styles, and our specialty design and printing teams ensure that your promotional materials come out looking perfect. We pride ourselves on being true printing professionals and our rush service ensures tight deadlines are always met. We thrive on a speedy turnaround time and can give you free information if you are unsure of how to get started on a poster or banner project. For high quality posters and banners in New York City, look no further than Lehmann Printing Company. We look forward to serving you today and helping your business or company shine visually.

Quality Design and Printing

When you work with Lehmann Printing Company, you are ensuring you get the highest quality poster and banner services possible. A good poster and banner can instantly help increase a business’s visibility. In addition, our courier service ensures a prompt delivery to a convention center, hotel, restaurant, business, or any other location where a poster or banner can be utilized. We aim to craft flexible products that our customers can use in a wide variety of settings. With a strong visual presence, a company or business can immediately bolster their outreach to their customers. In a high volume, fast paced environment like New York City, standing out is essential and a quality poster or banner can be the difference. Here at Lehmann Printing Company, we can design and create the following types of posters and banners for our customers:

  • Paper or vinyl materials
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Logo media banners (for corporate events, sporting events, etc)
  • Mounted on foamcore or unmounted

Our experience and expertise in a variety of posters and banners helps us ensure our customers are always satisfied and we look forward to serving your needs today.

Fast, Reliable Design & Printing Services

Being from New York City, our work ethic has always been strong with an eye toward quality products and speedy results. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, or in from out of town for an important industry convention, Lehmann Printing Company has you covered every step of the way with experienced, diligent design services and a printing apparatus that is second to none. With over 65 years of experience in the printing and design industry, we consider ourselves craftsman and true professionals in our field. Our team members can help field all of your poster and banner questions and help you get started on design and implementation ASAP because we know things move quickly in Gotham. We always aim to please with our rush services for poster and banner design. We routinely use couriers as well as UPS and FedEx when overnight services are needed for delivery. Here at Lehmann Printing Company, our prices are competitive and our speedy service and support is unmatched.

For high quality poster and banner design and printing services, contact Lehmann Printing Company today at 212.929.2395.

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